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Photo: Vivian Doan
Photo : Vivian Doan
Photo : Vivian Doan
Photo: Tjerk Bartolema
Photo: Tjerk Bartolema

“As you’ll hear, her passion for exploring the places we live through art, sound and storytelling is contagious…” Julia Caron, CBC Quebec AM (2019)

“Close your eyes and imagine this scene. You walk along the bright orange and red sandy shores of the Magdalen Islands… pay attention to the sounds, to the wind, observe and then gather some of those sounds and craft those into a story. That’s part of what’s been happening at the Grosse Ile School with Teaching Artist Louise Campbell…” Alison Brunette, CBC Breakaway (2019)

“Campbell a choisi d’explorer une approche musicale différente, inspirée des sons qu’on retrouve dans leur environnement…” Dominique Jutras, Le Radar (2019)

“Contrasting her experience in Southern Alberta with her current hometown of Montreal… (Campbell) maintained the theme of connecting to place through improvised sound (to) deepen understandings of community and the idea of making music and art inspired by place.” Keah Hansen, ELAN ACE initiative (2019)

“… un programme multimédia varié! Une invitation à se laisser transporter par des musiques qui ne tiennent pas en place.” Réjean Beaucage, En nouvelles, Le Vivier (2019)

“Puisqu’il s’agit d’une ‘musique de création qui doit se voir et être vécue’…” Corinne Laberge, L’Express Outremont (2017)


Louise Campbell: Une médiatrice dans l’être. Fanny Bartomeu, Revue musicale OICRM, vol. 7, no. 2 (2020)

CARE Centre combats pandemic isolation one client at a time. Wendy Singer, Inspirations, (Summer 2020)



The Benefits of Art for Relating and Understanding. Keah Hansen, ELAN ACE initiative (2019)

How ELAN Art Ed Artist Residencies in Rural Communities Benefit Artists. Keah Hansen, ELAN ACE initiative (2019)

ACE Artists in Education: Louise Campbell. ELAN, interview (2019)

Voyager léger. Réjean Beaucage, Le Vivier (2018)

150 Profiles: Louise Campbell. The Philanthropist, interview (2017)

La Musique dans un sac. Corinne Laberge, (2017)


Creativity for Epic Storytelling. Julia Caron, CBC Quebec AM (2019)

Louise Campbell Visits Grosse-Île. Alison Brunette, CBC Breakaway (2019)

Students on the Magdalen Islands Craft Radio Drama. Alison Brunette, CBC Breakaway (2019)

Islands on the Air – A Boat Saves Christmas. Jonathan Patton (2019)

Blog posts

Art, Accessibility and Cultivating Connections. Louise Campbell, LEARN Guest blog post, (2020)

Cell Phones in the Classroom: Music Education in the BYOD Era. Louise Campbell, LEARN Guest blog post, +4000 views (2018)

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Musings on Making Music – La création musicale pour tout le monde. Louise Campbell, monthly blog, +700 readers (2017-present)

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