Improvised to composed musics

Conducting a 300 student multi-school co-creation at PAF, Performing Arts Festival. Photo: Tjerk Bartolema

I make music along the entire range from improvised to composed musics as a conductor and soloist—acoustically and with effects using vocal processors and guitar loop pedals—and using digital production and electroacoustic means for podcasting and virtual music-making.   Here are a few works:

CARE Centre clients at camp

Stories of Care, a podcast series featuring the clients, caregivers, friends and family of the C.A.R.E. Centre, a recreational centre for adults with severe physical disabilities. A community-engaged arts project facilitated and produced by Artist in Residence Louise Campbell.

Conception & montage, Louise Campbell. Music by Louise Campbell, Tim Brady & Amy Horvey. Produced by the C.A.R.E. Centre, Innovations en concert and Bradyworks with funding from Quebec’s Schools host an artist of Culture in Schools.

Songbird for half-clarinet and loop station
Composer-performer, Louise Campbell

This piece draws inspiration from my first long-distance bike trip along the coast of Georgian Bay. As anyone who has spent any time sleeping in a tent knows, nature is anything but peaceful and quiet; it is frequently very noisy, especially at daybreak when the birds start to sing. I spent that trip listening to birds, biking between beaches, and learning with alarm about water politics in relation to the Great Lakes. I use the half-clarinet and loop station to tap into the cacophonous, alarming and sublime sounds I encountered on that trip.

Recorded at Banff Centre by head engineer Carolina Rodriguez and assistant sound engineer David Adamcyk during Creative Gesture Lab 2017.

Sideways for spatialized electric guitar quartet
Composer, Louise Campbell (0:00-2:22)

Sideways (2020) is about everything the word ‘sideways’ can mean for spatialized electric guitar quartet: slides, pitchshifted melodies, harmonies derived from shifting voicings up and down the guitar neck, sound moving through space between close, mid, and far proximities, and, as in the expression ‘and then things went sideways’, the nuances of emotion when things don’t quite go according to plan. Sideways is dedicated to Tim Brady and the Instruments of Happiness, who have provided me many moments of electric happiness in the commissioning and creation of this piece. Many thanks go to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for their support for this work.

Musique lente et tranquille à la recherche du bonheur électrique
A co-production of Instruments of Happiness and Le Vivier
Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020 – Église le Gesù, Montréal
Audio recording and mix : Morris Apelbaum. Video: John Klepko

O My Sisters

Ian Ferrier, Amir Amiri & Louise Campbell
Mile End Poets’ Festival 2017
Photo credit: Michael Kovacs

Ian Ferrier, spoken word and guitar
Louise Campbell, clarinet and loop station

Words and Music Series 2017
Casa del Popolo, Montreal
Text from Bear Dreams, Popolo Press, 2016

Concerto for Clarinet, Bertold Brecht
Performer-improviser, Louise Campbell
May 14, 2015
Centre de la creativité Gesù, Montreal Qc
Racines et resonances, a concert self-produced by In Extensio

I developed this site-specific work on location using a creative process similar to dance. The Gesù is a very large cathedral in which the audience is placed in the middle of the space in such a way that the Stations of the Cross form alcoves around the audience. The final work is a series of miniatures that moves spatially around the audience, exploring the sound and resonance of the venue from the vantage point of each alcove.


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