Musicians’ health

Musicians are expected to meet very particular artistic and physical demands: we rehearse and practice long hours to master and maintain a great quantity of music. Achieving these demands, while rewarding, can take a toll physically and emotionally.

Many playing injuries are preventable through appropriate self-care. Louise teaches workshops, masterclasses and private sessions that provide musicians with concrete tools for self-care appropriate to the demands of our profession, including the workshop: Self-care for musicians: Everything you can do in a tux or high heels.

Louise has led workshops for the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, McGill Schulich School of Music, Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, lʼUniversité de Montréal, Queen’s, Wilfrid Laurier, Mount Royal University Conservatory Advanced Performance Program, Domaine Forget, and Orford Arts Centre. Services are tailored to the needs of the participants, and can address anything from a specific injury and its cause (e.g. tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome), to technique (e.g. breathing), to how to find greater ease and creativity in performance (e.g. getting into the zone, dealing with nerves). Louise was certified in Shiatsu at Kinéconcept Institute in 2010 and received an MA from McGill University in 2007 for research in movement training for injury prevention among musicians.

Comments from musicians:

“Feedback from your class was uniformly very positive.  Many colleagues spoke with me during the afternoon, all with praise for your class. You were so helpful and understood exactly the type of techniques an orchestral musician can use to attain more mental and physical ease, even during rehearsal and concert.” Carolyn Christie, 2nd flutist, Montreal Symphony Orchestra:

“I found Louise’s teaching both informative and inspiring, and after one session, I discovered and rediscovered some insights into piano technique. Her manner is professional and gentle , and she is obviously an expert in her field. Highly recommended.” Dr. Peter Jancewicz, DMus., Pianist and Teacher, Mount Royal University, Calgary

“Louise’s course creatively adapts shiatsu techniques for everyday, personal use.” Colleen Mason, acupuncturist and amateur violinist

“J’ai récemment participé à l’un des ateliers sur le bien-être des musiciens animé par Louise à McGill. Son professionnalisme et sa connaissance approfondie du sujet était manifeste. Son approche calme, douce et précise inspire la confiance dès les premiers instants. Grâce à une série d’exercices pratiques sous sa supervision, elle a fait en sorte que chaque participant reparte en ayant pris conscience de l’importance de la posture et de l’alignement, ainsi qu’en ayant des pistes de réflexion pour de futures séances de pratiques. Merci ! ” Jan Bottomer, Music & Arts Career Advisor, McGill University Career Planning Service, Violoncelliste principale, I Medici di McGill