Teaching Artist

Danse-moi une histoire, with Clarisse Delatour and Élise Hardy Festival des petits bonheurs 2017

Louise believes everyone can make music (psst… check out her blog for more!). Spanning the range from private clarinet lessons to group music creation workshops and lectures, Louise teaches through experiential learning so that students learn and understand through doing. Highly sought after for her work in music creation, she specializes in participatory music making for amateurs of all ages and abilities. Some of her most notable work includes music improvisation and composition with elementary and secondary school students as an Artist in Schools (Playing the music game: Unplugged, Virtual MegaBand, Culture in Schools) and for disadvantaged youth (La musique écolo, Culture pour tous). Louise maintains a studio of clarinettists of all ages and abilities, featuring the intergenerational clarinet ensemble, Coeur de clarinette. In addition, Louise leads teacher-training workshops on Creativity in the Classroom and Community Arts Facilitation (Quebec Band Association, FAMEQ, LCEEQ Conference, McGill MEDUSA lecture series, McGill Faculty of Education, University of Waterloo Music Therapy, University of Guelph).

Playing the Music Game: Unplugged! Culture in Schools École Manikoutai, Sept-Îles Qc

Comments by teachers and students:

“Bravo! My students were totally satisfied with their experience with you! THANK YOU for coming to our corner of the country to share your expertise!” Marie-Claude Rail, Music Specialist, École Manikoutai, Sept-Îles Qc

“It was fun!” Sec III student (Autism spectrum)

“This experience opened up my eyes to the creativity and originality involved in this area of music. My perspective on improvisation has changed drastically and I loved the workshop!” Secondary V student

“After a long year of learning the rules it was so refreshing for my students to finally begin to play music from the heart. This workshop helped students crawl out of their shell and begin to explore music in a new and exciting way. As a teacher, I learned a lot from this experience as well, finding innovative ways to continue to involve my reluctant learners in music class while also giving gifted students a new musical platform to shine upon. This experience has truly helped us all to love music more! Thank you!!” Dave Arless, Music Specialist, St. John Fisher Senior Elementary School, Pointe-Claire Qc

“It was wonderful to see my band students gain quick confidence with using improvisational techniques, especially since some of them are otherwise shy. Louise’s approach to improvising on various elements, even while maintaining the overall melodic structure was easy to follow and impressive to hear. The effect of group improvisation was very impressive…. the countless possibilities for the outcome empowered the students: they couldn’t be wrong, provided they followed their pre-determined ‘rules’…. I was impressed with their zeal to make it their own.” Susan Strunc, Music Specialist, Lindsay Place High School, Pointe-Claire Qc